CIC is proud to have been at the center of the innovation community in Boston and Cambridge for more than 15 years. In understanding that great innovation is one of the keys to a successful business ecosystem, we have also come to learn the value of recognizing peers for a job well-done. The New England Innovation Awards seek to do just that by recognizing the work of smaller companies and providing them mentorship, as well. Past winners include CIC alum HubSpot (who could hardly be described as ‘smaller’ these days), and current Boston member
College Diabetes Network was a finalist this past year!

We feel as though there are probably a good number of companies at CIC that may be worthy of this stellar recognition, so we reached out to Todd Faber, chair of the New England Innovation Awards at the Smaller Business Association of New England. He was able to share quick synopsis and a history of the awards.


“Beginning in the mid 1980’s with such New England luminaries as Ben & Jerry’s, Staples, and Genzyme, and continuing on through today, the Smaller Business Association of New England (SBANE) has recognized over 200 businesses for their innovation and subsequent impact within their vertical. The New England Innovation Awards, now in its 32nd year, recognizes companies and organizations from all industries for their exceptional product or service which has revolutionized the way problems are solved and businesses are executed. A panel consisting of more than 60 judges, ranging from former winners, investors, lawyers, bankers and other industry experts, evaluate and meet with the New England based nominated companies to determine which of them exemplify truly impactful innovation.

The process for nomination is quite simple: a company may self-nominate using the link to the online application below or a third party can complete it. Either way, once a company or organization is nominated, they are provided the opportunity to hone their message and meet with any number of industry experts throughout the course of the process.  For the past several years between 7-8 companies and organizations have been selected annually from more than 200 nominees as recipients of this award. Winners not only receive great recognition from their peers and SBANE, (as well as the opportunity for tremendous networking exposure) they are also acknowledged in a piece published in the Boston Business Journal shortly after the awards ceremony.”

It’s a pretty neat opportunity and if you feel that you have any peers worthy of the recognition, nominate them soon! If you think your company deserves to be in the running, you can also self-nominate! Visit the SBANE nomination page to do so. Do it quick! Nominations are due Thursday, February 23. May the best innovator(s) win!

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