Winter is long. Living in New England means our winters are even longer. It’s bad; long nights, short days and freezing temperatures. It’s easy to get the winter blues, especially when you are spending those few short hours of daylight in the office. So let’s take a few minutes to discuss a few ways to survive the rest of winter 2016/2017.

1. The National Institute of Health says that turning into a cat can help. Okay, not literally, but seeking the sun like a lazy cat can help you feel a little better. Work next to a window for 30 minutes a day for a week to rid yourself of the blues. A couple places to get some sun at 1 Broadway are the 4th floor kitchen or the couches by concierge. At 50 Milk, try out a few places on the 14th, 16th, and 18th floors.

2. Get that blood flowing and take more breaks. These two can happen at once. Eat a restaurant that takes a few minutes to walk to. You can go for a 15 minute walk, eat for 15-30 minutes, then enjoy another 15 minute walk back to the office. Oh, you’re also getting sun on those walks too, great! Alternatively, did you know there is a walking desk in C3? Reserve it on Roomzilla for those snowy days…

Courtesy of Jantoo Cartoons

3. An easy thing to do at CIC is talk to people. Take the time to chat in the elevator or kitchen. Hibernating all winter is not helping anyone. The next time you start to take a cup of coffee back to your desk, enjoy it in the kitchen and catch up about someone’s weekend or what they are working on. You could make a new friend.

4. Plants have been proven to help beat the blues. Get one from your local florist or ask your community team if they can provide one for you. Check out this list of plants that are safe; use it to avoid Devil’s Snare.

5. Something that I just learned all CICers have access to a sauna at BodyScapes. (How did I not know this?) So much to explore! You can join the gym in Kendall Sq. for a one-time fee of $40. From there you can head over during off-peak hours (9am-3pm) Monday-Friday . Doesn’t that sound like nice way to spend 15 minutes a couple of times a week? While there you can check out the variety of exercise equipment as well.

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